Suitability for ReadyNAS?

  • I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the ability of a Netgear ReadyNAS installing and running Shinobi. ReadyNAS OS is currently Debian Jessie 8.9 but requires apps to be independent and installed with all there dependencies in a separate directory. My particular readynas has 1.2GHz dual core CPU and 2 GB of ram. I currently plan on running one camera but no more than 2 in the future.

    Zoneminder used to have a distro running on Readynas but it currently does not work on the latest updated OS and will not be revised to run on the system.

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    If it can run Node.js 8+, FFMPEG 3+, and MariaDB (or MySQL) then it should run... although debian is a little bit cumbersome when it comes to getting dependencies for ffmpeg... You will either need to install things manually or find a repo to install them with apt.

    As for load, those specs are enough. It's like the machine i do my testing on. Mine is a Intel Atom 1.6GHz dual core with 2 GB RAM. I've pushed it to run 5 (720p) a lot more in lower resolutions.

    If your ReadyNAS has hardware acceleration capabilities you can get even more out of it.

    The way you install zoneminder? Is there a script specific for ReadyNAS? if so could you please link me? I can perhaps follow it to make one for Shinobi 🙂

  • HI. I have managed to get Shinobi running on the Readynas. Which is GREAT. As you mentioned, I am wondering if I have all the dependencies for FFmpeg. In your docs, libvpx and libx264 are required I'm not certain if they are installed. Ffmpeg lists libvpx-360p.ffpreset & 720p & 1080p and nothing for libx264. Do you have the specific library names for them? The version of ffmpeg I have is v7:3.3.4-netgear1.

    I am trying to load my amcrest camera into Shinobi without success. The camera is recognized and has video with its utility and ONVIF program but is being elusive with Shinobi in the setup menu. Could ffmpeg be the cause??

    Zoneminder was adapted by a programmer NASTools for the Readynas. He forked it over at GitHub He created a DEB file for the ReadyNas install which is the typical means to install apps for the Readynas.

    I have root access to my Readynas (Netgear doesn't like this especially for newer units that are still under warranty) and I installed Shinobi by following your script for ubuntu, one procedure at a time. I'm not certain what will happen to Shinobi once there is another update for the ReadyNas OS; it could break Shonobi?

  • I tried building ffmpeg to work with Readynas but can not install libzimg for the jessie ver 8.9 os being used on this unit.

    Is there a different lib available that works with this distro and Shinobi? Or is there another way to resolve this?

    Thanks for any assistance

  • The need for libzimg in ffmpeg is a stumbling block. This lib is not available for Debian 8 (jessie) which is running under the Readynas os 6.9.1 firmware. This can not be upgraded to Debian 9 without breaking the unit. I will need to be patient and wait for Netgear to provide firmware updates in the future to catch up with the stable releases of Debian.

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    @hrf hey sorry for leaving you hanging. You can't install packages from Ubuntu on Debian? im not really familiar with Debian and only have had it working once or twice. Maybe you can add the Ubuntu repos to download the packages needed?


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