Power video viewer motion graph across the entire search span

  • Hi!

    I've been a zoneminder user and am trying Shinobi (enjoying it so far!). One of the ways I used to review recordings in zm was by scrolling through the motion-detection confidence graph. I see that Shinobi has it too, however I am only able to access the graph of a single video file at a time. This means if I have 15 minute long videos, I can only check the graph of one 15 minute segment at a time.

    Is it possible to check the graph across the entire span selected in the power video viewer?

  • administrators

    glad you are liking it 🙂 The power video viewer needs more work. I am currently considering merging the time-lapse tool to power video. The time-lapse tool auto plays the next video but sadly doesn't display any Motion Events.

  • @moeiscool That would be ideal! The time-lapse is executed very well. I would also add a faster playback option to the wish list.


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