Recommended hardware?

  • So I'm looking to test Shinobi on a new location. Currently running Blue Iris at home for reference on a 5th (?) gen I5 CPU.

    What sort of PC minimum requirements should I be looking for to run Shinobi then? Looking to view and record lets say 4 x 4MP cameras. Is there any significant difference from lets say Blue Iris (which is accelerated by Intel Quicksync). I would assume pixels are pixels after all and that I should find a reasonably modern I5 CPU just to be on the safe side. I got the impression you were looking into CUDA, but I'm reluctant to add a separate gfx card to be honest so I'd rather put that money in a better CPU.

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    I have personally tested VA-API, VDPAU, and CUVID for decoding streams. Then i just do copy method to save them directly to file. You'll get awesome performance with VA-API. I used the i965-va-driver to get it working.

    I have an Intel Atom and it runs around 5 720p cameras at 15fps.. low bitrate though. Before it maxes out (no hardware acceleration). You can get a lot done with CPU only too if you have an Intel i5.

    Frankly though i think you should stick with Blue Iris if it works for you right now. Shinobi is powerful but admittedly not as easy as Blue Iris in setting things up. Blue Iris is very polished when it comes to setup.

  • I'll look into VA-API then. And see if I can find an older i5 or similar. These 4MP cameras do need quite a high bitrate to produce decent results.

    I'll still be running Blue Iris at home. This is for video surveillance at the local Makerspace. As long as I can use the API to turn the recording on and off I'll be good.

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    sweet, you can read over this to help you control the camera in shinobi. enjoy!


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