No recognition of hanging ffmpeg processes

  • In my setup one of the ffmpeg processes is "hanging". It does not record anymore (last recorded video was 2017-11-13T21-10-00). It does not send any frames to the shinobi frontend (jpeg mode and normal mode are showing amber image). The camera itself can be reached via network and delivers the stream on new requests.

    The retry setting is set to 0, so it is not the problem with not-reachable cam (it should try to restart forever, but it does not restart the ffmpeg process at all).

    The manual workaround for me was to open the camera settings and save them unchanged. This restarts the ffmpeg process and now the live view shows the cam.

    In my opinion it is vital for Shinobi to recognize such a situation and to restart the ffmpeg process. To achive this Shinobi should recognize, that the ffmpeg process does not send any frames anymore. Also if there are no videos recorded for a longer time period.

  • administrators

    Shinobi does have these features built in.. it seems it just failed to do them on your system. I'll see if there is anything astray, thanks!


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