No onvif detection

  • Installed on a Ubuntu server 16.04.3 running on VMware Workstation on Windows 7 x64 following the Ubuntu : The Easier Way.
    The server is connected to my network (bridge mode) and its a fresh install nothing extra on it.
    I connect to Shinodi with chrome on Windows.
    I use the probe to check the cameras and its fine but when I try onvif it discovers nothing.
    I tried adding ip range and port and username but still no luck.
    Any ideas why this is happening?
    Thank u

  • administrators

    The ONVIF discovery is based on this ... I have noticed some of my cameras do not appear in the list but others do. I am not sure what causes it to not get something vs get something. I assume its doing basic ONVIF calls to ensure the device is usable and during the scan of your cameras it didn't pass this validation.

    Frankly It baffles me and I would like a way to fix it.. just don't know how yet.. 😞 sorry I am not more help.


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