Add HTML, XML/SOAP and ONVIF PTZ as plugin with (eventual) tracking support

  • I think PTZ should be considered as a plugin and could be expanded with a host of features including:

    • User control from Shinobi web interface
    • Control from an external interface (a physical device, app, idk)
    • Automatic tracking when coupled with motion detection

    HTML, XML/SOAP and ONVIF should eventually be supported as control interfaces.

    HTML - seems to already be integrated, so just push it out to a plugin maybe?
    XML/SOAP -

    1. Maybe let the user add custom scripts in python to control camera
    2. Just let the user select from a list of organized scripts (titled with camera name) configured for that camera (or series of cameras). This could be added to the database of known working cameras and settings?

    ONVIF - integrate using node-onvif

    Wouldn't mind helping to build this, just not exactly sure where to start (not that familiar with JS). 🙂


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