When To Start Booking Your Trip

  • Since we’ve already busted common myths hindering most people from travelling to Bhutan in a previous post (here if you haven’t read it, we've been told it's worth the read we thought we’d follow that up with a little something on how you can plan your trip and when you should get started. Got your pen and paper?
    If you know what you want to do when you’re in Bhutan (for example: trekking, attending festivals, catching a glimpse of the black-necked crane, joining a marathon or challenging mountain bike race etc) then thumbs up This will help you decide on the right season to experience your desired activity.

    If you have no itinerary in mind and just want a general cultural experience or to seek solace/happiness/possible enlightenment, then the 12 months of the year are your oyster.

    Something all travelers should take note of (If you don’t already know. Bear with us if you’re already aware) is that Bhutan has peak and non-peak tourist seasons.

    Peak season: March, April, May, September, October (THE most popular month for visiting Bhutan), November. Daily tariff US$250
    Peak season perks: optimal time for trekking, best time to witness grand festivals, flora in full bloom

    Non-peak season: December, January, February, June, July, August. Daily tariff US$200
    Non-peak season perks: lower daily tariff, fewer tourists, smaller scale festivals for a more intimate experience

    Click here for a more thorough guide to get you started on when you should visit Bhutan for specific activities and here for the 2017 festival calendar.

    1.  Know your dates

    Now that you’ve decided the activities you would like to pursue while you’re there, this will indicate the precise season during which you should travel, hence helping to narrow down your travel dates. We usually recommend a 7-day itinerary (at least) as that’s just about enough time to visit the main valleys of Bhutan.

    Do add some flexibility to your schedule, as DrukAir (Royal Bhutan Airlines) only flies to limited destinations (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore) and some sectors do not have daily flights.

    Have a look at DrukAir’s flight schedule here

    Once you have your dates, a general idea of any festival/trek/activity you want to pursue or better yet, if you already know which package you want, drop us an email with your details and we can do a Drukair ticketing reservation (free of charge) to hold your seat(s) for up to 30 days. If you're not sure exactly what you want, not to worry! We can customize an itinerary suited to your preference.

    Here is the different thing to do in Bhutan. Make sure there is enough time kept in the itinerary for these activities- it is better not to haste through them or miss them altogether. Bhutan MICE Group provided by best offer for you http://www.astertoursandtravel.com


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