Run script on motion event end and Ignore large motion changes

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    Cozza - 07/09/2017
    Suggestion: Run script on motion event end
    Suggestion: Ignore large motion changes (Example: room light turning on or off) possibly using a max motion value

    1. Command on motion event (dev branch)

    I have tried running a script on motion events to get notications on my android phone, with 3rd party app.
    I testet it with SimplePush, which is not free however (one time fee, and low on functionalities).

    A simple curl command is run to sent notification to the phone.

    The command execution works, but it does not wait for the defined time delay, before new commands can be executed "Allow Next Command".
    Se every new motion trigger is executed with command.

    If the command function is intended for push notifications, i would suggest only executing them in Recording mode, as they cannot turn off again, as i assume most people would like to, when setting monitors to "Watch only mode".

    Or is a dedicated feature for push notifications on the work table?

    Ignoring large motion changes could also be acheived by setting minimum number of motion changes above the threshold, before a motion event is stored. This missing setting would remove many false motion events cause by exposure changes. I think it was also mentioned else where on the forum.


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