Watch HLS feed on most smart TVs

  • All the smart TVs in my house had an app called Media Station X. It's basically a blank GUI that you can populate with data by having a webserver output JSON.

    I had it setup before (accidentally deleted it), it was less than a page of code. I was wondering the best way to add this to Shinobi. I could setup a separate Fastify server but Shinobi is already using express I think, so might be better to just add 2 new routes, that output the JSON for MSX.

    I had it posting an HLS stream for live viewing and an archive of mp4s.

    I'll redo it, probably only take like a day. If someone can point me in the right direction, on where I should add the code. Where I can get a list of cameras, archive paths and files, HLS streams, etc.



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