Unable to download recorded clips to my PC

  • I've got Shinobi running in a VM with 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB of ram recording a single camera 24/7 and saving clips every 15 mins Speed Test

    So far it has been perfect and I can playback clips from over 2 weeks ago with no issues but today I decided to test out the save feature to save clips locally to my PC Scrabble Word Finder

    I logged into Shinobi on my PC and all is well, I open the video list and select a random video and click Zip and Download and Shinobi locks up for a few minutes so I clicked X on the video list and can see the video stream has frozen Solitaire

    5 minutes later it comes back but keeps going green/black then live stream for a few seconds then freezing again and I haven't had any popup for a download so I tried selecting an additional 2 clips and used the Merge and Download feature and the same thing happened


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