Tip for other Linux newbies just getting into it with Shinobi

  • Shinobi is great.

    The problem here isn't Shinobi.

    Do not, I repeat DO NOT log-in as Root on your system to install it. Use su.

    Because if you log-in as Root (that is, doing all of this on-machine in the GUI) and you used the default settings when you set-up your system (and as a newbie you probably did, like me), when you install Shinobi it's going to be in the Root logical volume, rather than the Home logical volume. https://ovo.fyi/lorem-ipsum/ In my case, Home is ~930GB. Root was 50GB. If you are not paying attention, your Root volume will fill up entirely, which breaks almost everything. And if you're managing https://ovo.fyi/temp-mail/ things through SSH without requisite knowledge, all you see is "nothing works now". MariaDB won't start, so no users and no ability to add any. https://ovo.fyi/10-minute-mail/ PM2 has problems, though ultimately you can still access the web interface pages. When you finally do look at the machine itself because SSH is acting up, you'll be able to see the nice little pop-up on screen saying the root directly is full. Delete video folder. System suddenly works again, like nothing happened. Change addstorage in conf.json to use a /Home/ subfolder for the alternate storage, change all cameras to use that.

  • Just symlink the storage folder bro, easy.


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