PTZ Controls on Playback

  • Hi Moe
    Excellent software as I longed for a great open source software like this. I have focused on learning and using Shinobi the last 2 weeks and it is brilliant. I tested bullet cameras, ptz cameras and even the fisheye 360 degree camera.
    I am still learning on it but I have picked up 1 issue. On the Fisheye camera, I tested with the Vivotek FE8180 camera -

    1. It works and records perfectly fine.
    2. The fisheye ptz controls on live view works 100%.
    3. BUT the only issue is that on playback - the PTZ controls do not show for me to move the camera. On the actual Vivotek software supplied - you are able to move the camera in playback mode so if I have missed out a step in Shinobi please let me know.

    If the PTZ controls are not available currently on playback and Power Director then I would really request if you could kindly look at adding this on.

    I have 20 sites which are 99% ready for Shinobi but the playback controls are not available.

    Thanks again for the excellent software.


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