Client side ctream check failed...

  • Just added a new IP camera and I'm getting a regular "Client side ctream check failed, attempting reconnect". The camera is eventually disabled after a number of retries and I know the stream is working OK.

    Setting Stream->Check Signal Interval to 0 stops it checking but interested to know what might be causing the issue. The status indicator (plug symbol) on the dashboard still remains red even with the check turned off.

  • administrators

    are you able to open your stream URL in VLC or get a result from ffprobe? it sounds like the host address is unreachable.

    Can you open the camera's web panel directly? it may be down or you are accessing the wrong IP.

    Is it ONVIF? You may be able to find it with the ONVIF scanner.

    What model is the camera? have you found the model or brand here?

    The signal check interval is for seeing if the stream has broken from the client side, if it has it will try to reconnect. The signal check controls the color of that, if it is off it will stay red. If the check is successful it becomes green.

    The signal interval check takes multiple snaps of the stream and compares them. If they are not different then it fails.


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