Camera Setup from ZoneMinder

  • I am switching from Zoneminer and I am having a problem getting two of my cameras working in Shinobi. I have tried a bunch of setting and also what is in the Official Docs and I am not having any luck. Below are the setting that are working. can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong?

    D-Link DSC-2530L
    Source: ffmpeg
    Source Path: rtsp://user:[email protected]/live1.sdp
    Remote Method: TCP

    ADT RC8025
    Source Type: Remote
    Report Protocol: RTSP
    Remote Method: RTP/Unicast
    Remote Host:
    Remote Host Path: img/media.sav

    For the setting for the ADT camera that is in the Doc it shows up in the preview at first the dies.

    Given i have them working on ZoneMinder i should be easy to get them working on Shinobi however i am just striking out.


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