CPU usage and hardware accelleration

  • After getting tired of the bulky and prehistoric ZM, I'm now
    using Shinobi. My first impressions are very positive (kudos!) but I need some help with setting up my camera's and hardware acceleration. My target is reducing CPU usage and the best possible video quality. My setup:

    • 64 bit Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7260U CPU @ 2.20GHz,
    • 16 GB * DDR4,
    • HDD M.2 SSD
    • Ubuntu server 18.4 LTS
    • MySQL Server 5.7.25 (latest for Ubuntu)
    • FFMPEG 3.4.4 (latest for Ubuntu)
    • 3x Foscam camera FI9901 (1080P, Ethernet) 10fps/VBR

    After a clean Shinobi install, I added my cameras with automatic ONVIF detection. Everything is running fine but...

    CPU usage of 35% with only three camera's...
    I did some experiments with hardware accelleration, but without success. The CPU load did not decreased or even my camaras died.

    When starting up, Shinobi shows: Available Hardware Acceleration Methods : cuvid

    Is it possible to reduce the CPU usage and make Shinobi more responsive?


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