PTZ setup

  • I have an Amcrest PTZ indoor camera. I get the video stream fine. I am trying to get PTZ working. The generic android app I downloaded was able to instantly get it going, so it cannot be that difficult. I have read the docs and anything I have been able to scour. I tried ONVIF, but nothing happened. I do not think its PTZ commands are ONVIF. I have the API for the camera and found the commands:
    Amcrest API

    From the web browser, this works:
    The camera pans left until it hits its stop. Same for up and down and such.
    On the config page, I have put in the:
    I've tried GET, PUT and POST
    I enabled Digest as the web page asks for the username and password. Where do I put this in the config page?
    There are stop commands, so that is set to Yes.
    I put in this as one command:

    I get no response from the camera.
    Please help


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