Freenas install error

  • Tried ZM and cannot get it to record video. Came across this and was investigating. Created a new jail (Under 11.2). Cloned the repository . Tried to ;translate' between teh Ubunti Hard way and FreeBSD Jail. Could not get it to work. Started over. created a fresh jail, Cloned the git. Chmodded repository to 755. Went to INSTALL dir and ran ./Freenas. It appeared to install most things. The very end of the script had errors

    Receiving objects: 100% (877/877), 14.83 MiB | 1020.00 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (270/270), done.
    Adding Shinobi user to database...
    mysql: Command not found.
    ehco: Command not found.
    mysql: Command not found.
    Securing mysql...
    npm: Command not found.
    npm: Command not found.
    pm2: Command not found.
    pm2: Command not found.
    pm2: Command not found.
    pm2: Command not found.
    pm2: Command not found.
    ||===== Install Completed =====||
    || Login with the Superuser and ||
    || create a new user at ||
    || http://THIS_JAIL_IP:8080/super ||
    || Superuser : [email protected] ||
    || Default Password : admin ||

    Went to the script and manually ran the commands and they
    appeared to run successfully. I was able to log into the
    /super web page but cannot create a user and cannot log
    in to the main page to (I am guessing) set up cameras.

    Sorry for the formatting, I am trying to figure out how to format this intelligibly. How does one add 'CODE' formatting?

  • Finally got it installed.
    Installed the current port of ffmpeg with the correct compile flags set.
    Had to run the freenas.script again to get it installed so I could log into the super web page and set myself up as a user.

    to whomever is maintaining the freenas install scriot, you need to add a couple things. 1 python 2.7 is installed as /usr/local/bin/python27. I set my environment variable for PYTHON to this to allow the installation of a couple of the node.js packages. I had to reinstall a couple packages:
    npm install [email protected]
    npm install
    I had to go to the plugins/motion directory and copy the conf.sample.json to conf.json manually as the motion install script expects ubuntu/linux and not freebsd
    I had to set my PYTHON env var and then npm install canvas

    At this point, I am up and runnig with 2 cameras: a POE camera and a usb camera on a remote RPi with the stream sent out by motion-project. Took me a bit to get the mjpeg set up but it seems to be working now.

    Now for fine tuning.

    Thanks for the software


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