Unlimited Retry connection

  • Hey all,

    I've just recently set up Shinobi on a home server to record some HikVision cameras around the house! Awesome software and as a software engineer i'm looking forward to being able to contribute to new features where possible. (i.e. ONVIF motion detection)

    Unrelated to that, I was wondering if it's possible to allow unlimited connection retries to cameras. If one of my cameras go offline, i'd like Shinobi to continue to try re-connect as it's likely it will come back online. Is there a magic value I can set the "Retry Connection" option to to allow this?


  • administrators

    I'm glad you like it 😊 Contributions of any kind are all helpful! Posting code, bugs, and helping out in the community chat and forum 🙂

    Yes, can set it to 0 and it will keep trying forever. Newer versions of Shinobi will state that.. sorry 😅

    I hope you enjoy your stay, cheers!


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