Recording segment interval

  • Hi, new to Shinobi but very amazed and trying to use it on a debian VM updated.
    Motion detection and continuos recording are activated on 6 ip cameras:
    4 @ [email protected]
    1 @ [email protected]
    1 @ [email protected]

    I am pretty happy, but I get 1 recording file and sometimes 2 each minute instead of 15minutes! Even if I checked and set up to 30 minutes the recording segment interval, did not solved the problem.
    Something is ignoring the "Recording segment interval".

    I tried a new install into a new fresh debian and into an Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and everything works fine, so I would understand why my debian system does not let work Shinobi in the right way.
    I am experiencing the same problem into zoneminder, for this reason I think it is something broken into my debian system, but what?

    Any help?
    Thank you.


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