Reporting several issues.

  • Hello,

    I've extensively covered these issues in my post, so this is a shorted list of issues I found during my testing of Shinobi.

    1. When translating a language file while Shinobi is running, the web GUI becomes corrupted/messed up.
    2. poseidon streaming works fine for one or two hours but eventually will start skipping frames, freezing and stuttering.
      edit: This is directly related to the bitrate and quality set for the cam. Low quality will not skip.
    3. HW acceleration: The automatically downloaded (static) ffmpeg has no vaapi support
    4. HW acceleration: Even when using ffmpeg with vaapi support, Shinobi can't use vaapi or QS, monitors crash.
    5. Mobile use impossible with sidebar covering nearly whole phone screen
      edit: Found on Github moes comment, it seems a new GUI is in the making.
    6. Power viewer does not display videos from mjpeg camera recorded with x.264/mp4 container
      edit: May also be related to bitrate and quality, it works fine with vpx and webm format.
    7. Shinobi does not work correctly with Edge or IE, mainly power viewer "invalid source"
      Edit: Edge will be discontinued, so this will solve itself in time.
    8. Mjpeg streaming: When viewing monitor fullscreen and exiting with "esc" key, all monitors turn black instantly
    9. Unable to relocate video storage to another drive, the json.conf is not being respected
    10. cpu usage way to high with base64 or mjpeg streaming


    P.S. Why do I feel that I'm alone on this board?


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