Save video records directly to cloud server.

  • Hi all,
    My concerns if there are any way to save video records to external server (cloud, ftp, http and etc)
    I see that Shinobi supports WebDev.
    I’ve tried to input my WebDev server , but it doesn’t copy my record files. It just save on local Shinobi machine.

    Any ideas about how to send video records to external server?
    Thanks in advance!


    apt-get install davfs2

    mkdir /mnt/yandex.disk

    mount -t davfs /mnt/yandex.disk/

    apt-get install expect

    spawn mount.davfs /mnt/yandex.disk/
    expect "Username:"
    send "USERNAME\r"
    expect "Password:"
    send "PASS\r"
    expect eof
    chmod 755 /etc/init.d/yandex
    update-rc.d yandex defaults 95


    "addStorage": [
    "name": "second",
    "path": "/mnt/yandex.disk/"


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