Cannot add user

  • Hi, I found the page is error at


    I have to modify the line of the file below to solve the issue:

    Change users=<%-JSON.stringify(users)%>;
    to users=<%-JSON.stringify(users) + '' %>;

  • By the way, the forum "search" function is not working, and "Reset Password" also not working.
    This is my third account registered on this forum, because I have forgot my password and I can't receive the password reset link. I'm not necessary have to post my findings/question here, but the resource is too limited for Shinobi, I hope my post can assist someone.

    Hopefully Shinobi team can improve the forum and have better marketing to promote this open source CCTV solution.

  • I am having the same issue, but you appear to be having some other issues as well. I had the same ones and have been going through and ensuring I have everything right.

    The first issue I see, is that your [email protected] account is not present. If you did not delete it, this indicates a database connection error. I fixed mine, but now I am still having a problem. I also cannot login using the default [email protected]

    I then tried your fix, but I still cannot add new accounts. 😞

  • From my experience, this almost always an issue with the database. Either a misconfiguration or incorrect password, there is no connection to the database.


  • I'm having the same issue . . . . fresh install on CENTOS and Ubuntu. What JEFF said earlier appears to work but it does not save the user permanently. Is there a way to manually add users to the database? When can a fix for this be expected?

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