[CLOSED] Camera.js in Windows repeatedly opens two CMD.exe windows.

  • Hey everybody,
    I have a Shinobi instance, running smoothly in Windows and without any major issues. I can see the feed from multiple cameras. I can record and everything. Nice job there.
    However, once the Camera.js starts running (using pm2), every 5 seconds or so, it opens up two CMD.exe windows and then closes them. It is rather very annoying. Any solutions?

  • administrators

    At the top of the Windows install instructions there is blip noting this issue. http://shinobi.video/docs/start#content-windows--the-hard-way

    Currently Shinobi is not a native Windows application and requires more attention in this regard. So far I have just got it to run in Windows (mostly). I haven't ironed out the asethetics... 😞 I welcome any input on how to make a script for a windows daemon.

    Since this is noted in the docs i will close this thread 🙂 Thanks!


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