Trouble with camera control

  • I'm testing out Shinobi to be my zoneminder replacement and ran into an issue with a Foscam camera used to watch our pets. I enabled motion control, which works...sorta. It seems that the STOP URL is not being fired so the camera will rotate in the direction that you want but will not stop. I played with the time settings but it didn't seem to help. I verified that pressing a direction control on Shinobi started camera movement and manually executing the stop command in a browser window would stop the motion. Any ideas on how to get this working with just Shinobi? Thanks!

  • I found a temporary workaround. I copied my stop command to the center control URL. Now, I can send the camera up/down/left/right then press the center button to stop it. I'm sure that the stop timeout works but I must not have something set right to activate it after the timeout. Any ideas?


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