Videos being deleted by cron unintentionally (not keeping history)

  • I've got a camera set to record up to 30 days worth of video and up to 100000MB of space but it looks like CRON runs every few hours and just cleans them all up regardless of how they are set. I don't know where I can change this as I've checked that the limits are set correctly in both the Super menu for the user and for the specific monitor as well.

    There are only ever a max of 4 I've noticed in the video list at any time and any previous dates are not show. I've changed the max videos box to read just 100 (instead of 000,100) but that doesn't change it.

    Message every few hours regardless of the video ages below:
    type : CRON :
    msg :
    f : filterMatch
    msg : 4 SQL rows match "deleteOldVideosByCronjCOXQ6gBNB"

  • I had this problem too. For me, using sqlite3 caused it. Once I switched to mysql (or mariadb), that problem went away.


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