Motion detection not working at all

  • I've been fighting to get Shinobi working for the last few days and it's just not doing what it should. I've reinstalled it 5 different times with various LInux OS and it's all the same issues. I can get the camera stream and watch them but as soon as I attempt to utilize motion detection it just doesn't record anything. The latest attempt I even set it up with Docker so I would be sure I'm not missing something and it has the same problem. What's strange is if I go to the Region Select section all I get is a Brown Box where the live video should be. This might be the whole problem. I don't necessarily want region detect but I figured I'd try since it wasn't working otherwise. I've attempted setting up the monitor with RTSP and MJPG and it will show the stream on the monitor but it will not ever detect motion. I don't see any particular error in the logs regarding this either. Any advice or suggestions?

  • Having exactly the same problem. When I setup motion detection in the monitor settings, they don't seem to "take" ... When I bring up the monitor settings again, Its not selected to have motion detection. However, when I go through the motions, and setup the "default" detection region, I do get the red bar denoting motion detection at the bottom of the monitor video.

    Setting up the detection region for me also ends up not showing any preview.

    I'm not sure how else to proceed.

  • It seems that I've inadvertently got motion detection working but I'm not sure how. I intentionally installed Ubuntu 17 like in the instructions (though the Centos version didn't work either) and now after manually setting the region size to exactly what I wanted to record it seems to detect motion. Now the only problem is that it will delete the videos after a day and I've got it set to keep 30 days worth of video and up to 100000 MB (unly using 1G GB per day). I need to cut down the video size eventually but I've got 100GB to play with until it should start deleting it. At least it's detecting motion now, but no idea what I did differently unless it's only compatible with Ubuntu 17 with no updates.

  • I had this problem, and in my case it was something related to rebuilding opencv and getting canvas installed. Once I rebuilt opencv from source, I could install canvas (this is on an Ubuntu 16.04 system). Using the Opencv that is available in Ubuntu 16.04 was no good.

  • @thardie Wow, how did you find that this was the problem and fix it?

  • @jason_r The clue was not being able to install canvas and it complaining about missing headers for opencv even though I had all the dev packages installed. What was particularly annoying was that the meter in the UI was moving, but recordings were still not happening.

    Separately, I also had the problem of recording being deleted on a restart. This is a bug caused by using sqlite3. The code that checks for video on disk versus DB assumes MariaDB/MySQL. I switched to MySQL to fix that one.


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