Android instead ubuntu?

  • Hi!
    is there anything that makes it impossible to run shinobi on android?
    Did someone give it a try?

    I'm thinking about re-use of old (but not too old) devices, like a smartphone or a tablet, to run shinobi to avoid the use of a dedicated pc or to avoid the use of a pwerful sbc..

    • FFMpeg can be compiled for android
    • x264 codec can be compiled for android
    • is possibile to run node red and nodeJS on android
    • Mariadb can be installed on android
    • PHP7 can be compiled for android
    • LIGHTTPD or other web server can run easly on android

    Something that I left?

  • It sounds like more work than it's probably worth. Even if you compiled ffmpeg for your device, would you be able to take advantage of any of the hardware acceleration from the SoC? I don't think so. You'd have a lot of CPU usage.

    Meanwhile you can buy a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless[1] which is open and natively supports hardware acceleration via ffmpeg.


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