Weird 2.4GHz interference running Shinobi

  • I started out using a docker installation but wanted to allow Shinobi full access to my Ubuntu 17 server resources and hardware so I converted to a full system install. I started however to notice decreased speeds (90% slowdown) on my network on a specific band, the 2.4 band. After countless arguing with Verizon and a router replacement, I realized that my problems persisted unless I turned my server off.

    So, I started combing through my server and logs to try and find the problem, stopped all docker no avail. I even fully removed Shinobi and rebooted and realized that my problems resolved after removing Shinobi. Nothing in the logs but checking htop, I noticed that I had probably 5 tasks per camera, all named the same running.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this or any suggestions as to why running Shinobi would affect my network bandwidth so much?


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