New install - Issues

  • Coming from XProtect here which was doing the job except... well Windows. I tried Zoneminder first and it was pretty decent apart from the hardware requirements. Shinobi looks promising but I'm having issues with what seems like basic functionality. I'm installing on a relatively fresh Debian install (the hard way). I tried ZM first, and that is still installed albeit not running.

    1. Monitor sidebar only has thumbnails for 2 out of 7 cameras.
    2. Cameras sometimes freeze in the home dashboard live view. Refreshing the web page fixes this. As far as I can tell its still recording okay.
    3. Time-lapse doesn't seem to respond to any controls. I have a static image and that's it.
    4. One camera seems to drop the rtsp stream at random points, leaving a blank screen on live view. Opening the settings and saving (without making changes) gets Shinobi to reconnect. Is there a way to have it do this automatically?

  • Changing my connections to use UDP seems to have solved at least 1) and possibly 2) and 4).

    EDIT: turns out this didn't solve 1) but 2) and 4) have both been resolved since.


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