Docker support with hardware encoder

  • I'm trying to use this docker image on a Synology:

    I mount the /var/log/mysql and /opt/shinobi/videos directories to folders on my NAS, and all seems to work fine. However, if I restart the docker image, I cannot get into it anymore, it doesn't start properly. Is there another directory that should be mounted? Like maybe the one that contains the mysql database?

    Also, I'm running on a Synology NAS with the hardware video encoder. Is it just possible to give my docker container access to the hardware encoder by mounting the /dev/dri/renderD128 device into the docker container? If so, do I need to modify anything in Shinobi to make it use it?

  • Try without mounting mysql logs and connect to mysql via networking.

    The image you are using installs the default ffmpeg from ubuntu LTS repo, have a look if they have built ffmpeg with --enable-vaapi , otherwise you may have to build your own ffmpeg and depending on other factors you may lose or not your changes on docker shoutdowns or restarts.

    Then I believe you should map as --device /dev/dri:/dev/dri.

    I'm looking into shinobi and haven't install it yet, moreover my synology is so old that it doesn't even support dockers... grab my words with tweezers.


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