• Hi. I just got Shinobi up and running in a Bhyve Jail (Ubuntu 16.10) on FreeNAS. It's running well. I have 7 cameras, I gave Shinobi 4 cores and 6GB of RAM. I have an NVIDIA 1060 sitting around and I tried to pass it to the vm, but was unable to get that to work. It doesn't look like bhyve supports GPU pci passthrough... even though I just want to use it for hardware acceleration and not actually a monitor.

    Anyway, I was thinking about OpenCV... Is it worth it? In order to utilize it, I'd have to build a new machine so I could install the GPU(s) on bare metal. That would be a large investment, but if OpenCV is awesome then I might go that route. It would be cool to get notifications when humans are detected by the camera and not just shadows moving across the ground. I didn't see a whole lot of information in the docs on OpenCV. I imagine I'd have to go to the OpenCV project to see how to get it up and running and optimized to prevent false positives (or false negatives).


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