How to run monitor (resolved)

  • Hello,
    I have just installed Shinobi on my PC under Ubuntu (so I am very new in it).
    I succeeded to add my cameras (just the time to understand that monitor = camera :)). All was fine until I restarted my PC. When I opened my browser all monitors were mode=Start. To have them running I had to open the configuration for each camera and to close it by "save" without doing nothing else. I must precise that these monitors have mode = "Watch only" into their configuration.
    Do you know how to do in order that camera be in mode watch only withut having to re-open for each the configuration?
    Thanks in advance

  • Well, as I have found a workaround, I am going to answer to myself, I hope that this will be useful for someone!

    To solve the problem I have created 2 scripts (note that I am far to be a linux expert):

    • script "Restart_Shinobi" to restart cameras and cron:
      pm2 restart /home/Shinobi/camera.js
      pm2 restart /home/Shinobi/cron.js

    • script to launch firefox then call "Restart_Shinobi"
      cd /home/Shinobi
      firefox localhost:8080 & Restart_Shinobi

    Don't ask me why but with this, monitors are really launched and I can see into firefox my monitors/cameras


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