Can't delete videos on Video List

  • Hello,
    I noticed strange behavior when I click the middle icon under camera that will take me to the video list recorded by that camera, i can view the video, priew just fine... deleting do nothing though.... if I select video and hit delete = nothing, mark all videos and hit delete = nothing... only way to delete videos from UI for me is to go back and hit "Show Logs" and there I can see also list of videos and there when I hit delete it will finally delete the video. Any idea why is that ?

    I'm using "secondary" storage location with is cif mounted FS from NAS.

  • I have this exact problem too after installing Shinobi today. Everything else seems to be working fine with the exception of this. I am however using default storage. I'd love to hear from the dev on this.

  • I have a problem with this option. In my case it does not show some of the videos recorded. I can only view the videos recorded through the terminal. At first it appeared, but now nothing. Not even when I restart the Shinobi services. ☹

  • Hi,

    Did you managed to resolve your problem?
    I also cannot delete any videos. I even can't do it from 'Show Logs'

  • Are you using SQLite3 or MariaDB/MySQL? I've found a number of issues if you don't use MariaDB/MySQL...


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