shinobi monitor is completely blank

  • the logs shows this error:

    {"type":"FFMPEG STDERR","msg":"rtsp:// Server returned 404 Not Found\n"}

    and also this:

    {"type":"FFMPEG Process Started","msg":{"cmd":"-loglevel warning -analyzeduration 1000000 -probesize 1000000 -fflags +igndts -rtsp_transport tcp -i "rtsp://" -update 1 -r 1 "/dev/shm/streams/kixsdSmOxw/8un8uy9OxP/s.jpg" -y"}}

  • Are you sure it is port 8080? In my case rtsp is on port 554. You could test your URL in a media player like totem or vlc.

  • yes friend!! the port is 8080... that is what my camera says.. and i have ran shinobi previously with above settings with no hiccups, its just yesterday that i started facing these problems.


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