Unable to login to shinobi through browser

  • Hello. Just installed shinobi on a clean Ubuntu 18 install.

    When I navigate to the PC from a browser I get the login screen but when I enter the admin login creds and click LOGIN it just goes back to the initial login screen. I am using the default superuser admin account with default password.


  • may be you are entering the username and password are incorrect. second reason may be your database is not well configured, MariaDB only. my guess shinobi supports mariadb SQL only.

  • How do I ascertain if it is using Mariadb and how to I rectify it if it isnt?

  • if using ubuntu, type mysql -u root -p and enter password you set for your mysql DB. you will be greeted by mariaDB as shown in the picture. if not then you are having different sql setup.. go to shinobi documentation page and study the "installation the hard way". there it would have mentioned how to install mariaDb. but first search google to completely uninstall your existing mysql. its very important, if your current mysql is not uninstalled properly, MariaDb will throw error while installing.!!(https://www.tecmint.com/install-mariadb-in-ubuntu-and-debian/)


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