Shinobi Requirements

  • Hello,

         We have requirement of 40+ CCTV Cameras for our firm. We are planning to purchase Shinobi Pro for this. Our server will be at USA and the remote access (client side) will be at INDIA.  We have some questions regarding our scenario as below -

    Q. 1) What type of Server's Hardware (RAM / HDD / Processor / Power Supply Unit / Graphics Card ) will be required for the above scenario ?

    Q. 2) What type cameras (including support for Motion Detection) that you would suggest to us for better performance of Shinobi ?

    Q. 3) How much bandwidth will be required for Server side setup at USA for 40 to 60 cameras ?

    Q. 4) How much bandwidth will be required for Client side setup at INDIA for getting live access for 40 to 60 cameras ?

    Q. 5) If we install Shinobi Pro, will it continue without subscription or do we need to buy ?

         What is the difference between 'Open Source Shinobi Pro' and 'Shinobi Pro with subscription' ?

    Q. 6) If we install Shinobi Pro with 40-60 cameras then will it support 40+ cameras and can we see all cameras simultaneously in Shinobi application on server as well as client side PC?

    Please let us know your answers.


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