Analyze substream, record main stream

  • Hi everyone,

    I recentrly started with Shinobi, and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. While it is pretty powerful, the options are not always as clear.

    Now I'm wondering if the following would be possible:

    1. Analyze substream of camera (480p), to detect movement
    2. Once movement is detected, record the main stream of 1080p.

    I want to run this on a dedicated server, but want to decrease the amount of bandwidth used. Just streaming 1080p takes 1.5TB/month, while 480p is only about 250GB/month. This is a significant difference, and especially with my home ISP which has limited bandwidth as well.

    Is there somewhere a setting that would make this possible?
    It's acceptable to loose a few sec. of footage in this case for the extra connection. Especially if the 480p stream is recorded immediately as well.

  • After playing around for a while I found the solution.

    1. Create 2 camera's: 1 is watch-only in SD, the other is Idle in HD.
    2. Trigger webhook on motion to the HD camera to record for a set amount of time.


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