Motion Detection setting in all conf.json files for multiple cameras for Shinobi

  • Hello there,
    We have made setup of the Shinobi on Ubuntu 16.04. Now we have facing problem of Motion Detection (Red Rectangle). We have installed Motion Detection plugins, also we tried openCV but it gave us error during installation of the openCV. But Motion Detection plugin has installed successfully. We also tried Shinobi's default Motion Detection method but it does not work. Then we tried Motion
    Detection plugin with disabled by default Motion Detection and with 'Send Frame - YES'. But also not working. We do not seen any motion detection RED Frames in live stream.
    We dont know hot to do settings in conf.json file in all Shinobi directory and plugin motion derectory. Can you suggest us which 'KEYS' we have to insert into conf.json and where we will get theses 'KEYS'...? Also suggests how to configure all other setting in all conf.json files of plugins.
    If you could send us the example configure format of conf.json file or we have to do any other configuration settings.


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