Relationship between indifference and motion confidence?

  • Hello,

    I just installed Shinobi yesterday and am trying it out on two IP cameras (I'm trying a few different NVR tools, but so far Shinobi seems to be in the lead). After about six hours struggling reinstalling over and over trying to get motion detection working (it turns out that it may have been working the whole time; the docs never said that it's only visible in the Advanced view for monitors) I finally have it working.

    I'm trying to tune the indifference value, but having some difficulty. I found the documentation for the motion detection settings that say,

    The indifference value is the percentage of change in a region. A full frame detection is considered a detection on a region that covers the entire frame. The Indifference value is still represented in the red bar below.

    I see a "Motion Confidence" number for events, and I also see a red meter under the playback, but no numbers for it. Is there anything that displays the current, live indifference value for a recording, so I can tune appropriately?



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