Timeout Reset on Next Motion not working

  • Typical surveillance system works this way:

    • Camera idle
    • When motion occurs starts recording
    • After motion has ended stops recording

    Trying to achieve this with shinobi is unfortunately currently not possible. All the recordings are exactly 30sec long, even if motion in them doesn't stop.
    My settings:

    • Camera mode: Watch only
    • Motion detection with default built in plugin
    • Recording timeout: 0.5 (~30 sec)
    • Timeout Reset on Next Motion: Yes
    • Noise filter (tried both): On/Off
    • Allow Next Trigger: 2000 (default I presume)
    • How to Record: Traditional

    Exported config:
    Camera configuration

    At this moment, I think, it's impossible to use it as regular surveillance software. Does anyone have any ideas how to make that work, or would kindly share their setup to achieve similar thing?


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