Video recording - Not Smooth

  • Hi,
    Am trying to record video from IP camera through RTSP streaming URL. The record configuration is

    1. Resolution - 1920 x 1080
    2. Interval To Save - 15 minutes
    3. Quality - 1
    4. Framerate - 25 fps

    I do get the recorded video in resolution specified and 25 fps frame rate.

    But the Video has too much distortion, It seems to get Stuck for few seconds and retrieve after 10 or 15 seconds (In short video recording is not smooth.).

    And also the recorded video is not of length close to 15 mins. Its randomly storing at an interval of 3 minutes or 5 minutes etc.

    Note: I tried the above configuration for around 1 to 12 camera (MAX load is 12 camera.). The video stream in the browser space doesn't have much lag and the quality of it smooth.
    Only the recorded video quality is affected.

    Any help of what settings has to checked. Or troubleshooting tips on what parameters these gets affected. An solution to solve to recording problem might help.

    Update : FFMPEG STDERR a few seconds ago
    [h264 @ 0x5206260] SEI type 25 size 2400 truncated at 1079 [h264 @ 0x5206260] pps_id 510 out of range.
    This is the error message i received. Even tried Copy and WEBM, facing the issue on video quality

    Thanks in advance


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