Update fails

  • I've tried to update to dev, using the link at the 'super' page and the process seems to have died. Looking at UPDATE.sh, it seems it didn't go past 'pm2 stop camera.js'. pm2 list shows camera is stopped and cron is online. No file was moved out of master_temp.

    I've run it line by line, and noticed that the 'rm -rf' command is missing from the dev UPDATE.sh file. On this command, these should also be removed:


    Another option would be to use rsync instead of rm and mv. For instance:

    rsync -a --delete master_temp/web/ web/

    This copies the contents (because it ends in slash) of the first dir to the second and deletes files and folders from the second not present in the first.

  • administrators

    dang sorry i didnt reply to this earlier 😞

    I will look into this, thanks!


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