Recording from MJPEG camera is playing way to fast!

  • Hi,

    I have a MJPEG camera (based on RPI + CSI CAMERA and MotionEyeOS) that streams video at 15fps, I have it configured in Shinobi as follow:

    MJPEG monitor
    Input fps 15
    HW Acceleration MJPEG_CUVID
    Input feed MJPEG
    No timestamps or watermarks
    JPEG API Enable (looks like with MJPEG_CUVID it works!)
    Record type MP4
    Codecx: libx264
    Quality 1
    No audio
    Video record rate 15fps
    width 1640
    height 1232
    segment 2 minutes
    No record timestamps or watermarks

    The monitor works, and the recordings are being done on the event of movement (with external trigger) but, the recorded videos (usually lasting 16sec instead of 2min) plays very fast and it is difficult to isolate the events as they occur ultrafast or even some times are droped (the event is there, but nothing happens in the video)

    I am able to watch the videos with VLC and the codec info looks corect (resolution, fps...)

    I did a little research on internet and found that the -re flag could work, but it is already on Shinobi FFMPEG output for my monitor, so it is not going to be the silver bullet.

    In the other had, i found that some times the framerate is not constant enought and the video timing could suffer that, so ffmpeg includes the parameter -use_wallclock_as_timestamps 1 this makes ffmpeg to use the system time instead of the frames received to calculate the video duration.

    But i did not have look... the recordings are still playing too fast...

    Any ideas?

    Tahnks for your help!


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