Shinobi on a Asus tinker board.

  • Hi
    I have just got Shinobi running on a Rock chip tinker board, using Ambian dis. It runs reliably albeit slowly as ffmpeg is decoding software only.

    The Rock hardware decoder has decoders for H264/h265, and there appear to be software drivers for the gen. Pro. Unit. Mpp. However there needs to be some form of software bridge between the Mpp driver and ffmpeg., to enable ffmpeg to get a hardware assist.

    This is several orders of magnitude beyond my Linux competency.

    Has anyone done this or knows how to do It?

    Many thanks


  • Hi,

    On further reading, I find that the latest Armbian Rock chip distro using kernel 4.14, does have the Rockchip MPP driver implemented.

    I have also found that the latest FFMPEG sources has the Rock MPP , the compile option is :- --enable-rkmpp.

    the ffmpeg play cli option is:- ffmpeg -vcodec h264_rkmpp etc etc.

    I will install the newest tinker board dis and try to compile ffmpeg and then do the Shinobi install procedure.

    see you later1



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