How to work with API external Motion Trigger?

  • Hi, I'm trying to get working and external motion detection event throw the Shinobi API, the scenario i'm trying to get is like this:

    Shinobi monitors will be running in watch only mode, when my PIR sensors detects motion i would like to send a API event to shinobi as stated here: and start the event recording (same as if a real motion event was detected with the plugin) but i DON'T want any motion detection applyed to the monitor image, my only trigger is going to be external.

    So far i was able to send the API request and i get the response "Trigger Succsesfull" the event is recorded in the database but the camera does not start recording, i tryed all the possible configuration in the motion detector, disabled, enabled, sending frames, not sending, builtin... but despite my efforts I'm not able to make the monitor record...

    Could anyone help?

    Thanks in advanced!

  • @mdps You asked this question quite a long time ago, but I'm really interested if you find a solution. I am trying to start recording my cameras after an OpenHAB event occures.


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