Nest Camera

  • Hey, I'm trying to get my Nest cameras to work with Shinobi.
    I discovered that nest cameras have a m3u8 output stream, however, when I add that to Shinobi, I can't get the stream to work.
    I set up port forwarding and the m3u8 stream works perfectly in a browser window.

    EDIT: this is no longer my issue. Please see post #3

  • Update:
    I am able to see the camera in the preview in the left bar.
    However, I can't see it in full screen.

    I'm running this on a raspberry pi, do you think that this is a power issue? ie not enough memory?

    What hardware would you recommend me to run this on?

  • After changing a few settings. I am able to get an image in the main view. However, I can't get it to play live constantly. It keeps playing, stopping, playing... And it only plays for three seconds until it stops again.

    Concerning recordings, sometimes they record everything in clips of 5 minutes. At other times, I get clips with no data (it says they last a few minutes but when I play open them, it shows that they only last 0 seconds).

    So what can I do to fix this?

    Here are my logs:

    By the way, I this topic might need to be moved to the Bugs section. I don't seem to have the ability to do so.

  • I've seen this on my Pi too - I chose all the lowest spec settings and only ran a camera at a time. On the Pi I find concurrent cpu/ram intensive tasks seem to kill the pm2/nodejs process.

    Have you restarted the app since you configured the camera?
    What fps / Height+Width are you using for the Input/Record/Motion sections?

  • I left Shinobi on for the night and things seem to be running well. Clips are now recorded for 15 minutes (as defined in the settings) and I no longer get clips of 0 seconds.
    However, I'm still not able to get a live camera in the main view. I only get snapshots of the camera. Sometimes, the camera plays and I get sound, but that only lasts a few seconds.

    @Alan hes I have restarted the App. Here are my settings:

    Quality: 20
    Fps: 2
    Height + Width: 640 x 480

    Quality: 2
    Fps: 2
    Height + Width: 640 x 480

  • beats me - those settings look about as low spec as you can hope for... can you configure the nest to lower resolution to D1, fps to something really low ?

    Is it USB or Ethernet?


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