Disk Usage

  • I see that you are grabbing the root storage device, which is good. Maybe display all storage location disk usages?

  • administrators

    if i understand correctly... you would like to see the actual usage of the disk in the panel?

    If so that is no longer supported (it was before) because non superuser level users shouldn't be able to see that stuff.

    If not could you please elaborate?

    Thanks for posting 😄

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    I just installed the dev branch yesterday, did it change already? Also, so, because non-superuser users shouldn't see disk space, neither should higher privileged accounts?

  • administrators

    the bar you have circled in your image is about disk space used for the group.

    Technically Sub-Accounts shouldn't see that.. i will perhaps add the option to do so. It's simple to add. 😊

    FYI to hopefully make things less confusing :

    The account with "Superuser" level and "Admin" level can change this value.

    If the "Superuser" chooses they can disallow an "Admin" user from changing this.

    There is only one Admin account per group.

    "Sub-Accounts" cannot change this value at any time... and in future "Admin" will have the choice to show and hide this.

    so the hierarchy where "Superuser" is at the top.

    Administrator (Admin)


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