Doesn't support RTSP calmeras

  • I have a simple RTSP camera that works in VLC, MotionEye, and ZoneMinder but not Shinobi. It is impossible to have comprehensive debug logs. Also the developer doesn't seems to care about the community. This forum is not maintained.

    What can we do ? I am evaluating those different softwares for a customer, Shinobi has by far the best UI, but it is just non functional ...

  • Hello, I have an Amcrest camera connection with RTSP. On the connection menu I have the following settings:
    Input type: H.264/H.265/H.265+
    Automatic: No
    Connection type: RTSP
    RTSP transport: TCP
    Username: username set to access camera
    Password: password for username
    Host: ip address for camera
    Port: port camera is set for
    Force port: No
    Path: /
    Retry connection: 0

    Check that your camera is configured for using this connection and port with the username and password.

    Please keep in mind that this program is open source providing free support when able, but there is also the option of getting paid support.

  • I have three different RTSP sources I've configured and they all worked. Perhaps your RTSP camera is simpler than it should be and is missing something?

    Shinobi is beta. It's promising but only if the maintainer can hold to it and solicit some additional support over time. (Which right now just comes in the form of highly technical early adopters, posting on forums like "dude, what's up with your setup?".) 😉


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