My short wish list

  • First, congrats for Shinobi!
    My current wish list:
    *First of all, please fix the aspect ratio issue! OK, using HLS can be a workaround, but it introduces a really brutal delay and doesn't even work at all with some USB cams. It also seems to produce much more CPU load, and I have to use a really low-power machine, as electricity is pretty expensive over here and it needs to be on 24/7.
    *The left monitor sidebar currently shows just an old frame from each of the cameras (which might be blackness with just a few light dots), which is pretty suboptimal to identify them; the name should be overlaid all the time IMO.
    *Also, you could add more options for the camera control UI: transparent buttons with just outlines with a user-selectable color (so that the user can choose one that stands out of the scene), and options to add user buttons for special controls (like lamp on/off), and to hide unused ones.
    *What about adding the ability to assign a sound card input to a camera? Or better, even a sound card input subchannel, so a stereo input could serve two cameras. Many cameras don't have a mic, and even if they have, often they are positioned suboptimally for audio (sound propagates in an entirely different way!), and exposed to wind. Over here, there's no legal problem for a fully private property where only burglars could be compromised in privacy, and there were several cases in which they wore face masks but were successfully identified based on secondary clues, including their voice.
    More to follow...


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