Adding HDD to Shinobi

  • Hello guys!
    How can I know what HDD memory uses Shinobi ? If I add for example 1 TB more, where I have to enable it ? I mean how can I control memory in Shinobi ? Thank you

  • Hi, The HDD allows for you to store recordings, this is different than memory (unless your system is under pressure and the disk is being used as Swap / RAM) - but if that's your problem, it might be more RAM you need.

    If you add a new hard drive to your system, then go to http://....:8080/super - log in as admin and on the right you can configure where the videos are stored.

    e.g. if you mounted the drive at /mnt/storage/shibobi/ or used D:\ then configure it so that the second storage points at this, then edit each camera and tell it to save its video to this newly configured location.


    addStorage": [


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